RF Isolation


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All Dimensions are in mm.

Exterior 17”(W) X 16”(H) X 22”(D)
Interior 15”(W) X 14”(H) X 20”(D)
Frequency Range 20 MHz to 6 GHz
Isolation >=125dB @ 1GHz
>120dB @ 3GHz
>90 dB @ 6GHz
SMA Connectors with chain and dust cap 12 Nos
6 Way Waveguide 1 Nos
N-SMA Connector 1 Nos
Filtered Ethernet 2 Nos
Filtered USB 3.0 10 Nos
Filtered USB 2.0 2 Nos
Filtered DB-9 1 Nos
Filtered AC(230V/10A) 1 Nos
Filtered DC Power Jack 2 Nos
120 x 120 mm Honeycomb Air vent 2 Nos
120mm Axial Fan 1 Nos
4 way Power Strip 1 Nos
  • Rack Mountable / Table Top
  • Rugged Aluminium Welded Box
  • Fully Customizable Shielded Enclosure
  • User Defined I/O Connector
  • Tight Locking and Gasket System
  • Copper Beryllium fingers are provided for ensuring Shielding Effectiveness.
  • Powered by AC / DC Power Filter Lines
  • Honeycomb Ventilation for Cooling

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