RF Isolation

Best RF Shield Box Manufacturer in India

 We bring superior solutions to turn
down interference safely and sustainably.

 We bring superior solutions to turn down interference safely and sustainably.

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RF Isolation: Leading RF Shielded Enclosure Manufacturer

Headquartered in Ahmedabad, India, RF Isolation is a global leader in manufacturing customizable RF shielded enclosures. We excel in developing a wide range of products such as RF Shield Boxes, RF Chambers, Test Racks, etc. 

We provide custom-built RF shield boxes to meet the various performance requirements of our customers. Our products are engineered and developed according to industry performance standards and in compliance with all applicable safety for markets around the world.

Having deep expertise and knowledge about the science of shielding, we assure you that our every product is effective against all threats posed by RFI, radiation, etc.

  • 5G & 4G Device Testing

RF Standalone
Shield Box

Our standalone shield box consists of thick RF-absorbing power filters that prevent unwanted radio frequencies & electromagnetic interference that bug electronic equipment.

This Desktop shield box is a compact manual structure for WLAN RF test that offers necessary RF isolation and signal connections for testing different types of WLAN and Wi-Fi devices.

Rack Mount
RF Shield Box

Rack mount shield box is a ready-to-install device which is optimistically designed to make transferring and removal procedure of rack mounts easier with well-customized shelves.

Trolley Based
RF Shield Box

Trolley-based RF Sheild box is ideal for its portable yet robust structure that provides isolation from unwanted wireless frequencies. This device is mainly operated for wireless devices testing, WiMAX, and 5G device testing.

RF Test Rack

Test Rack of RF Isolation is advanced testing equipment that supports higher isolation up to 6GHz, with rugged aluminum test racks that assure avoiding of unwanted frequencies from equipment with easy maintenance.

RF Chambers

An anechoic chamber is used to shield the equipment from extraneous radio signals. To minimize the unwanted reflections, special RF absorbing materials are used to cover the interior walls of the chamber.

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    Our Exceptional Product

    Rugged Welded Aluminium Box

    Superior Isolation

    Wireless Device Testing

    Rack mountable, Table Top &
    Trolly Based Enclosure

    Copper beryllium fingers for
    shielding effectiveness

    Excellence In Every Advancement

    Accredited to ISO 9001:2015, RF Isolation manufactures quality products that meet the standard of excellence and fully satisfy every customer requirement. 

    Equipped with a modern production facility and experienced shielding solution specialist, we easily customize new models for specific attenuation and signal routing needs.  

    Why Choose Our Products

    Pre Sale

    To manufacture a perfect product for you DUT, it all starts with understanding your specific needs, we can offer you a best solution based on your requirements to work more efficiently.

    Custom Made Products

    The cabinets can be customized to any size requirements, and can be placed on desks or workbenches or Trolley Based. We can also support you to provide complete Test Rack.

    Maintenance of
    RF Doors & Accessories

    We understand that the RF door is the most important part of any shielded enclosure. It is crucial that every RF door is effectively maintained otherwise it will have serious effects on the shielding effectiveness of the entire enclosure

    Relocation & Installation

    RF Isolation teams of professionals are fully familiar with all major shielding technology systems and can support you with relocating RF screen rooms, shielded enclosures and anechoic chamber. We will dismantle, move, and reconstruct any RF shielded room or anechoic chamber

    Why RF Isolation?

    At RF Isolation, quality is our first priority. With good quality and service today, we have won industrial recognition and gained the trust and support of our customers.

    What sets us apart from our competitors is delivering high-quality products tailored to customers’ needs on time. We continuously strive to develop technologically advanced models according to market demand.

    ISO 9001:2015 Certified

    Certificate of Compliance

    Customizable Products

    Quality Assurance

    Customer Satisfaction

    Cost Effective

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